wijtwee / nosotrosdos

Nat Gras

is a heartbeat,
the beat of a pop song.
Two is a rhythm, a pattern in space, an everyday walk.
It is a road that splits into possible paths.
It is a father and a son, or a mother and a son, or a mother and a mother.
It is a couple of fighting bulls or two trees growing slowly but steadily towards the light.

wijtwee / nosotrosdos will be a physical and visual dance performance for everyone from the age of six, which can also be experienced as an exhibition or concert. The two performers take on a multitude of roles: they are the artists who show their work, the technicians who build up and tear down, the musicians on the sidelines, the statues in the space and the dancers who seek out the spotlight. Together with the audience, they share the unique, intimate and open friendship that two young men can have.

The performance is a dance duet for a young audience, created and performed by Hernan Mancebo Martinez and Samuel Baidoo for Nat Gras. After an initial experience as dancers for a young audience, they are now making this performance together under the wings of Nat Gras.

  • Creation & performance: Hernan Mancebo Martinez & Samuel Baidoo
  • Music: Simon Beeckaert
  • Illustration & scenography: Hanne Holvoet
  • Production: Nat Gras
  • Executive production: Kosmonaut
  • Distribution: Thassos
  • Coproduction: The City of Antwerp & STUK Leuven
  • With the support of: ccBE, Liers cultuurcentrum, CC De Factorij, Playgrounds & KunstZ





About Nat Gras

Nat Gras wants everybody to enjoy dance, members of the audience and performers alike. Nat Gras steers clear of any showbiz glamour choosing instead to go in search of the initial expressiveness of dance. This has already produced dance workshops...

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Antwerp (BE)

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