We will have had darker futures

Inga Hákonardóttir Katie Vickers Rebecka Stillman

If one dreams of ecstasy and lameness

If one dreams of going and never really getting anywhere on a little path through other things

We Will Have Had Darker Futures attempts to weave together past, present and future and to mix it all up into a time loop allowing our sense of temporality to be blurred.

We Will Have Had Darker Futures thinks of possible futures through daydreaming, language, and dance while emphasizing the passage of time in the act of collective finger knitting.

We Will Have Had Darker Futures is a short term detachment, a visionary parallel reality that contemplates the bounds between past and present.

“Crocheting against the apocalypse. […] Even the utter dystopian can at the end take a turn towards the utopian.” Sydsvenskan 28.02.2018 (in Swedish)

Workshop We Will Have Had Darker Futures
We will provide a space for shared creativity, where we knit and collectively daydream. We will play games through conversation and imagination, playing with our sense and experiences of future, past and present.

Instagram: wewillhavehaddarkerfutures

  • Concept, choreography & performance: Katie Vickers, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and Rebecka Stillman
  • Light design: Clive Mitchell
  • Costumes: Wim Muyllaert, Katie Vickers, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and Rebecka Stillman
  • Scenography: Ken Van De Mierop, Wim Muyllaert, Mathilda Perrot (intern)
  • Sound: Ruben Nachtergaele, Katie Vickers, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and Rebecka Stillman
  • Artistic advice: Dries Douibi
  • Thank you: Albert Quesada, Sofie Durnez and Eleanor Bauer
  • Production: Kosmonaut
  • Co-Production: DeSingel, MDT Stockholm
  • with the support of the Province of Antwerp, Reykjavik City, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, wpZimmer, ccBerchem, de School van Gaasbeek and The Swedish Arts Council


About Inga Hákonardóttir

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir was born in Höfn, Iceland, and now lives and works in Brussels. After graduating from P.A.R.T.S in 2014 she has worked within the field of performance as a performer, dancer and choreographer. As collaborator and performer Inga...

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About Katie Vickers

Want to stay connected to Katie Vickers? Have a look at her social media.   Katie Vickers is an American artist who lives in Brussels. She is a 2014 graduate of P.A.R.T.S. and 2010 graduate of The Ohio State University. She has danced for...

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