David Hernandez

Fused bodies, separate bodies, relating bodies, a hybrid body—Take 2 is about re-appropriating, re-working, re-learning the past in order to grow into a new form.

For this fifth dh+ creation, David Hernandez sets his sights on exploring the duo as a form. Must a duo inherently reflect binaries, must it present a dichotomy? 

“We are in a period of fluctuation regarding issues of gender and male-female archetypes, and researching the duo as a form is a way to infuse new questions into notions of couplehood, personhood, self and other….

The duet process is not something I got to expand a lot in my work, so with TAKE2 I’d like to dedicate real time and involve a core group of dancers in an intimate process to reframe these questions in an interesting way.”

Take 2 is an occasion to investigate these themes by confronting past templates and updating past experiences in light of a new era in which society is radically soul searching. It is a chance to rekindle earlier forms of duetting from repertory works in collaboration with a composer and light designer that contextualize them within a new stage universe, ultimately raising new questions for which David Hernandez, together with dancers Timea Maday and Colas Lucot, will explore new forms of duetting and storytelling.

  • Choreography – David Hernandez
  • Assistant choreography – Renate Graziadei
  • Dancers – Colas Lucot, Timea Maday Kinga
  • Original music – under consideration – Anna Clyne or Szymon Brzóska
  • Light design – under consideration – Hans Meier, Marino Frankola
  • Production – Lenneke Rasschaert, Maya Dalinsky
  • Additional support – Kosmonaut



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