Compagnie Frieda

Two persons are on stage. The two persons are running from Betekenis (Meaning). They run, they fall, they hide, they dance around it, they talk, they create images, they love it. Sometimes they completely disappear and the set continues to play. They will be back. They shift shapes. One day they invite Betekenis for a feast and cleverly trick him. It is a lost and happy game.

Let’s take a step back.

Before they ran, these two persons wanted to save the world. They wanted to understand everything. Including each other and others. They wanted to do this because they were worried. Very worried. (Tah-dah-dah-daaaaaah. Fate knocks at the door.) But strange enough: each time they wanted to tell about this experience, it slipped their memory. They wanted to scream to everybody. But their words had vanished. They couldn’t say what they wanted to say. The instant they named an object, it would lose its reality and everything they were feeling would become as trivial as a pillar of salt. They felt small and ridiculous. They were ashamed.

Pygmalion is a wild flow of images, an invitation to look with a creative eye. Everything is ever-changing. The story is told in the parts that are avoided.

  • Text, concept & play: Eva Binon, Jason Dousselaere, Louise Van den Eede
  • Music: Jason Dousselaere
  • Scenography: Jan Palinckx, Tina Heylen & Niké Moens
  • Production: Compagnie Frieda in collaboration with Kosmonaut
  • Coproduction: Het Bos, Arenbergschouwburg, Love at First Sight
  • With the support of: Vooruit, Les Ateliers Claus, Vrijstaat O., Campo

About Compagnie Frieda

Company Frieda is a group of personalities with different backgrounds who find each other in a common artistic vision. The artistic core is formed by six artists: Nikè Moens, Patrick Vervueren, Eva Binon, Jan Palinckx, Tina Heylen and Seppe Jespers....

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Love at first sight festival
Antwerp (BE)
Love at first sight festival
Antwerp (BE)

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