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Prozess Ausschwitz Peter Weiss is a multi-format art project on the Holocaust centering on the work of Peter Weiss. This performance is a coproduction of Frankfurter Autoren Theater and Gallus Theater.

Taking the date of the first trial against Nazi-criminals in Germany as starting point and the work of the emigrant Jewish writer Peter Weiss as their material, it constructs a multifocal view on Auschwitz using different modes of presentation: interaction with the audience, who is transferred to the Auschwitz memorial in an imaginary visit; re-enactment of selected parts of the trial in which the language of the victims is presented as fragmented and spotty in contrast to the eloquence of the Nazi delinquents.

A surrealistic performance in which the elimination of Jewish people is imagined in the catatonic mind of a survivor. A sequence of short dialogues and scenes from Peter Weiss about the saturation and ignorance of the post-war German society.

  • Text: Meine Ortschaft, Die Ermittlung, Aesthetik des Widerstands, Inferno
  • Actors: Edgar M. Böhlke, Barbara Englert, Christine Dreier, Doris Fisch, Rosemarie Heller, Nedret Cinar, Thomas Schmitt-Zijnen
  • Performance & singing: Annette Kohler-Welge
  • Music: Beate Jatzkowski
  • Direction: Ulrich Meckler
  • Scenography: Clemens Teichmann
  • Dramaturgy: Lena Meckler
  • Assistance production: Kurt Petereit
  • Co-production: Kosmonaut

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