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Katie Vickers

Katie finds herself seeking for projects that are re-shaping how we see dance, and it often comes down to the use of space and how that informs her dancing or ways of making a performance and what kind of experience she wants to give an audience. Starting with the moment one walks into a space, what you see, where you sit (proscenium, stage, several places during the show). How you frame a performance as artist sets up the audience’s relationship and engagement to it. This moment of ‘figuring out’ is what triggers Katie, it is immediately allowing the audience to ‘turn on’ or engage with what is happening in front of them.

This research is an experiment with alternative spaces for dance performance. A space is a gathering point. An active place for people of all ages, races and genders to meet, see, exchange, and socialize. Every once in a while, we see dance from the historical theatre space move into the museum and public spaces finding another home besides the black box. And with younger generations raised in a digital culture and finite attention spans we do not see a growing audience coming to the theatre. Katie wants to see if by changing the ‘home’ of dance, we can also change its audience. And therefore change engagement and attention spans; for example, can people walk around? Are they allowed to come and go? Does the show start at midnight rather than 8pm? Perhaps, the priority isn’t on the result of the dance itself but in the whole experience of coming to see a performance. People crave experience and in order to provide this she will research spaces and a variety of frameworks that could turn the theatre rules upside down, whether it’s in a living room, abandoned building or outdoor stage.


About Katie Vickers

Want to stay connected to Katie Vickers? Have a look at her social media.   Katie Vickers is an American artist who lives in Brussels. She is a 2014 graduate of P.A.R.T.S. and 2010 graduate of The Ohio State University. She has danced for...

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