ACME / Albert Quesada

Albert Quesada continues his personal research into the world of flamenco and its complexity with the goal of finding the origins of its movement and singing. The choreographer aims to discover the driving force behind flamenco and transfer it to other bodies and other music in order to generate new meanings. All in all, kindling the little spark that each one of us nurtures within until it finally becomes a great fire.

Flamingos is the result of placing Carmen Amaya in the middle of a scene by John Waters. The flamenco impulse to share the depths of the human soul is mixed with pop imagery, costumes and music taken to their maximum expression. Which flamenco is our own? Which music is ours and which dances does it incite us to dance? Bodies, desires, fears and references are adulterated to provoke a jam session full of magic and duende. A spree that goes on until early morning, where the eight performers strip and expose themselves with the sole intention of celebrating and celebrating themselves, with movements and singing that leave no room for doubt or uncertainty. This is how it is and it couldn’t be any other way. Ea!

Flamingos is made within the project Cèl·lula from Mercat de les Flors.

  • Idea, Choreography and Direction: Albert Quesada
  • Created with and by: Blanca Tolsá, Claudia SolWat, Eliott Marmousset, Mario G. Sáez, Miquel Fiol, Katie Vickers, Laila Tafur, Víctor Pérez Armero, Viktoria Andersson
  • Sound design: Carlos Parra, Julián D’Avino, Rafael Cañete  + Droguita del experticio de Laila Tafur y Charo Martín
  • Light Design:
  • Costumes: Jorge Dutor, Meritxell Janot
  • Dramaturgy: Albert Pérez Hidalgo, Pau Masaló
  • Production: Mercat de les Flors
  • Production support: Kosmonaut Production
  • Thanks to: Mireia de Querol




About ACME / Albert Quesada

Albert Quesada is a Spanish dancer, choreographer and teacher. He trained at MDT (Amsterdam) and PARTS (Brussels) after his studies of philosophy and multimedia engineering in Barcelona. The exploration and translation of musical structures and compositions into choreography and the invitation...

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Past tour dates

Concertgebouw Brugge
STUK / 30CC Schouwburg
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)
Mercat de les Flors
Barcelona (ES)

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