Coloured Swans

Moya Michael

In a world that is increasingly polarized, the landscape seems to be restricted to black and white. But what about the shades of grey, that wide range of colours reflected by the skins of a global majority, that’s nevertheless still labelled as a minority?

People thought her to originate from either Latin America, the US, North Africa or South East Asia. But dancer, performing artist and choreographer Moya Michael was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Because of her mixed origins she was classified as a ‘Coloured’ person. About 20 years ago she moved to Brussels, but this label has always remained an important part of her identity, both as a person and as an artist.

In COLOURED SWANS Moya Michael questions how layers of imposed identities change how an artist moves, speaks, sings and what specific spaces their bodies visualise or capture. Moya invites artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to join her in this quest. Together they will share their personal stories in order to confront and intertwine the complexity of their experiences into one overall creation. Each encounter leads to a solo created for and with the artist as one of the swans of COLOURED SWANS.

Moya Michael / Tracey Rose
Together with visual and performance artist Tracey Rose, Moya Michael will explore the common visual images that reflect their ancestries, their histories and where they are today as women of colour and specifically as descendants of the Khoi people.

Moya Michael / David Hernandez
For the creation of the second solo, Moya will work with dancer, performer and choreographer David Hernandez. Points of departure reference David’s experiences as an American citizen and artist of Latino ancestry and the historic encounters between the Spanish colonialists and the indigenous peoples of Latin America and Mexico.

  • Concept, performance and choreographyMoya Michael
  • In collaboration withTracey Rose (Khoiswan) & David Hernandez (ElDorado)
  • Video & scenography: Tracey Rose (Khoiswan), Moya Michael, Špela Tusar,  Oscar Cassamajor
  • CostumesPovilas Bastys
  • Text: Loucka Fagan (Khoiswan)
  • Soundscape & musicMitsuki Matsumoto & Moya Michael
  • DramaturgyKitty Kortes Lynch (Khoiswan)
  • Choreographic advice: Igor Shyshko (Khoiswan)
  • Lighting designMandla Mtshali (Khoiswan) & Pier Gallen (Khoiswan & ElDorado)
  • Executive productionKosmonaut 
  • DistributionCokot / Julie Le Gall & Hanna El Falor
  • CoproductionDance Umbrella Festival, KVS, Centre For Fine Arts (BOZAR), Vooruit
  • With the support ofThe Flemish Government Delegation in South Africa, Flemish Community Commission (VGC), Flemish Authorities (VG)
  • Special thanks toForgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, The Goodman Gallery, Zelda Production & Inge Floré





About Moya Michael

Moya Michael is a dancer, performing artist and choreographer born and raised in Johannesburg (SA). Moya currently resides in Brussels (BE) which is her base for creating her own work. She has danced with the likes of Akram Khan,  Anne Teresa...

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