Yassin Mrabtifi

Kosmonaut Production Artist Yassin Mrabtifi

Yassin Mrabtifi has been dancing since the age of thirteen. He is an autodidact who is always in search of his own style. He draws inspiration from pop culture, contemporary dance, film, martial arts, hip-hop and oriental dance. Much like many other hip-hop dancers Yassin got to know styles such as popping, locking and breakdance in the train and metro stations of Brussels. At twenty, he founded his first group Bahod Family with which they participated in various breakdance battles. Three years later, together with Milan Emmanuel he founded No Way Back, who has since successfully performed under the same name in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

In 2011, together with Julien Carlier he creates the performance piece Insane Solidarity. The following years, he is active on the street theatre circuit with the production Les Polissons.

In 2013 he takes his chance at an audition of Ultima Vez, the company headed by Wim Vandekeybus. Since then he has been seen in Vandekeybus’ performances Talk to the Demon and Spiritual Unity. Since 2016 he’s also dancing in the revival of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting.

For his first production, From Portici with Love, dancer and choreographer Yassin Mrabtifi sets out with three dancers and one musician. Inspired by La Muette de Portici, an opera by the French composer Daniel-François Esprit Aubert. This artistic spark was political gunpowder, of which the explosion led to the Belgian Revolution in 1830. For Mrabtifi this is a historical illustration of the impact compelling art can have on a society. He wonders whether art today can still create such a revolutionary bond between citizens? Does art maintain a central place in our society or is it generally subdued by the establishment?




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