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Nat Gras wants everybody to enjoy dance, members of the audience and performers alike. Nat Gras steers clear of any showbiz glamour choosing instead to go in search of the initial expressiveness of dance. This has already produced dance workshops and performances capable of enchanting audiences of all ages.

Since the creation of Nat Gras, a non-profit organisation in 2002, Goele Van Dijck has been the artistic driving force behind the company. Initially offering a large spectrum of dance workshops for various target groups, in the future Nat Gras wishes to concentrate on dance performances for a young audience and workshops based upon inclusive-dance. The focus on sensory experiences is rapidly becoming the general frame around which projects are being formed. The following points of interest take centre stage in all initiatives:

  • Nat Gras constantly works towards greater involvement and improved communication through watching, practising and creating dance and experiencing art in general.
  • When actively experiencing dance, the individuality of the participants is always the key element. This is why dance / contact improvisation is one of the cornerstones on which every project is founded
  • The experiencing of art can offer a valuable contribution to a positive personal development as well as to group dynamics.

This awareness pushes Nat Gras in every project to address itself to specific target groups. Though artistic quality remains of utmost importance, they are fully aware of the potential dance has to stimulate personal processes. Nat Gras doesn’t work with a permanent team preferring to bring together the ideal group of professionals for each individual project.

Nat Gras is not interested in the appearance of dance as such, choosing instead to go in search of the authentic power of expression of dance as can be found in their productions for children and inclusive-dance performances.

A portrait of Nat Gras / Goele Van Dijck by Filip Tielens in EN / NL





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