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After being dancers for choreographers such as Alain Platel, David Zambrano and members of different collectives such as Peeping Tom and groupe ENTORSE, Samuel Lefeuvre and Florencia Demestri joined forces and created LOG, a structure dedicated to their passion for extreme physical states, dark atmospheres and dream dynamics.

Together they created the solos monoLOG and OLGA, the trio L’événement and the installation Close-Up. They developed the show Hantologie in collaboration with groupe ENTORSE.

Florencia Demestri: As multidisciplinary artist, Florencia studied theater, circus and contemporary dance in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Spain and Belgium. Since 2003 she lives in Brussels and has been working for numerous dance companies including; Les Ballets C. de la B. (Lisi Estaras), Charleroi Danse (Michèle Anne De Mey), Enclave Dance Company (Roberto Olivan), Finger Six Collective, David Zambrano and with groupe ENTORSE in the performance Hantologie. Parallel to her work with choreographers and collectives she develops her own projects: The last days Project (2007) with Claudio Stellato, Do you love me? (2010) with Pier Giorgio Milano and Spring Quartet (2015) with Peter Jasko and Simon Thierrée.

Samuel Lefeuvre: After a dance training in Caen and then CNDC in Angers, Samuel moved to Brussels and worked with Michele Anne De Mey. Samuel was a member of Les Ballets C. de la B. in which he created and performed in the production Wolf by Alain Platel and with Lisi Estaras in La Mancha, Patchagonia and Primero/Erscht. It’s during the creation of Wolf that he met Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo who invited him to join the Peeping Tom collective to create Le Salon and Le Sous-Sol. Since 2007 Samuel has collaborated with the musician Raphaëlle Latini with whom he created the collective group called groupe ENTORSE and made the performances Accidens (ce qui arrive), [aùt] and Hantologie. In 2013 he took part in Cour d’Honneur, by Jérôme Bel, and recently participated in 20 Dancers for the 20th Century, an initiative of Boris Charmatz/Musée de la Danse.




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