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Albert Quesada is a Spanish dancer, choreographer and teacher. He trained at MDT (Amsterdam) and PARTS (Brussels) after his studies of philosophy and multimedia engineering in Barcelona. The exploration and translation of musical structures and compositions into choreography and the invitation of an audience to perceive and to listen to the proposed works, stands at the heart of Quesada’s choreographic work. Next to that, Albert is intrigued by group movement and dynamics, sparkled by his collaboration with ZOO/Thomas Hauert. He holds many artistic projects, both educational and for the stage.

Together with Katie Vickers he co-directs two educational programs in the USA: the Performing Arts Intensive at Mercersburg Academy, and Practicing Performance.

In 2005 Albert created Solo on Bach & Glenn and later Solos Bach & Gould (2010). This was followed by Trilogy (2011), created with Vera Tussing, an evening of three short pieces exploring musical structures. Albert then expanded into larger, group choreographies with the pieces Ensemble (2012), Slow Sports (2012) and Wagner & Ligeti (2014), an examination of our understanding of orchestral music, Slow Sports Outdoors (2014), Slow Sports Kids (2015), OneTwoThreeOneTwo (2015), a duet inspired by the world of flamenco, and VIVA (2016), where the amateur group De Genoten dances to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It’s time (2017) was a collaboration with Octavi Rumbau, Federica Porello and Zoltán Vakulya. And as an associated artist in Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), he created his big format piece Flamingos (2019). Want to stay connected to ACME/Albert Quesada? Have a look at their website.

Since 2009 Albert has been teaching internationally and dancing with the company ZOO – Thomas Hauert (AccordsYou’ve ChangedIn Vivo DanseMonoInaudible, How to Proceed). He has also performed for Benjamin Vandewalle.




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Albert Quesada continues his personal research into the world of flamenco and its complexity with the goal of finding the…

It’s time

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